What are the best coffees in the world?

May 24th is the day of one of the greatest passions of People: coffee! Those who love the drink know that the traditional Brazilian coffee is very much needed abroad.

Today’s post will show which are the best coffees in the world!


This is the most expensive coffee in the world! And you will be surprised why it is so valuable.

It is extracted through the feces of a small mammal called civeta (which by the way, is very cute!). When a little animal eats the coffee bean, its digestion process makes it soft and low acidity.

So, would you have the courage to taste it?


Known for liking alcoholic beverages, it is logical that the Irish coffee would have that extra touch. The traditional coffee in Ireland is a combination of coffee, Irish whiskey and whipped fresh cream.

The drink is a great way to get warm in the cold (which is great), but remember that it is also very strong!


In Australia, the culture of drinking coffee on days of low temperatures has conquered the country. In plastic bottles or cardboard boxes, Australian coffee comes ready to drink.

In addition, Australians were responsible for inventing the apartment white type coffee (similar to a latte coffee).


We decided to put two countries in one item, because these coffees are very similar. In Belgium, the drink is served with a small piece of chocolate at the bottom of the cup, which melts as soon as it comes in contact with coffee.

The German one is served mixed with condensed milk or whipped cream. A delight!


We couldn’t leave this world-famous coffee out of our post, right? Colombian coffee is so impeccable that its harvest is done manually, having the best beans being chosen. This makes it different from the others.

A well-known character in Colombia who is related to coffee is Juan Valdez, created in 1959 in reference to more than 500 thousand Colombian coffee families. In time, the character became the representative of the most famous coffee shop in the country: Juan Valdez Café.

Now that you know the 5 best coffees in the world, how about taking a trip to try one of them?

Surely it will be quite an experience!

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